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    • Gift pack of bath oil
    • Gift pack of bath oil

    Gift pack of bath oil

    Item code: 450200
    This gift pack of bath oil consists of our 6 most popular bath oils: Lavender bath oil, Eucalyptus bath oil, Pine bath oil, Zen bath oil, Me Time bath oil and Body Balance bath oil. These bath oils can be used in normal baths and whirlpools.
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    These natural bath oils based on essential oil give a wonderful scent and a beautiful color to the bath water. This makes these bath oils also suitable for color therapy.

    Bubbles and warm water are the cure for stress and headaches. Because warm water has a relaxing effect, bathing is good for you. The more you relax, the more your body produces endorphins. Endorphins are a natural pain reliever. In addition, moving in warm water also has a positive effect on your mind. Luxurious oils make bathing even more pleasant. Bath oil may only be used in personal baths that are emptied after a single use.

    This bath oil:

    - leaves no residue after use
    - is based on natural essential oils
    - is suitable for color therapy
    - is suitable for whirlpools where the water runs away after bathing
    - no greasy bath edges

    Gift pack bath oil contains:
    - 25 ml Lavender bath oil
    - 25 ml Eucalyptus bath oil
    - 25 ml Pine bath oil
    - 25 ml Zen bath oil
    - 25 ml Me Time bath oil
    - 25 ml Body Balance bath oil

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