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Aromatherapy, natural and 100% pure


Aromatherapy means treating with scents. Scents act on the subconscious and balance a disturbed nervous system. Aromatherapy treatment looks at both the body and the psyche. Physical complaints often have to do with underlying psychological complaints.

The scent of a flower, a tree or an herb is caused by the essential oil. Essential oils are extracted from various plants, herbs, trees and flowers. A recognizable example of essential oil is the peel of a lemon. When you squeeze the skin, moisture will pop out of the skin and it will poke your eyes. That is the essential oil of the lemon.

Beauty & Care essential oils are 100% pure, natural, undiluted or blended. The essential oil is so cheap in the webshop because we are an essential oil wholesaler. This essential oil is suitable for aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy oils are divided into 6 groups:

1. Wood
2. Citrus
3. Spices
4. Flowers
5. Resin
6. Spices

Aromatherapy oil is extracted through 3 different methods:

1. Steam distillation with wood, herbs, flowers and spices
2. Cold pressing when peeling citrus fruits
3. Extraction with blossoms and some resins

Often 50 to 100 kg of plant material is needed to obtain 1 liter of essential oil, depending on the type of aromatherapy oil. Sometimes only 25 kg is needed and sometimes much more plant material is needed to obtain 1 liter. That is why there is also a large price difference in the large variety of aromatherapy oils.

Because 1 liter of essential oil is extracted from so much plant material, this aromatherapy oil has a very strong odor and an therapeutic effect can also be attributed to an essential oil. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy for this wonderful scent and therapeutic effect.
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Aromatherapy oils have a strong effect on your feeling. It is known that 2 neural pathways run directly from the sense of smell to the limbic system in the brain (this part of the brain is involved in memory and emotions). An example from everyday life is that people perceive an odor when, for example, you walk in a forest and smell a pine scent and you have to think again about the walks with the family.

Essential oil mixes can also be used well in aromatherapy. This is because these mixes are entirely composed of essential oils to highlight a certain experience or effect.

Essential oils are used in aromatherapy in:

- massage oils
- bath oils
- scent burners, aroma stones
- gel pack
- Fragrance sticks
- sauna casting agents
- steam bath milk
- scrub cream
- mix essential oil
- cream sprays
- candles
- cleaning products

Aromatherapy Atomizer

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Aromatherapy oil origin and definition

Essential oil is also called Essential oil in English, which means that the confusion with Dutch essential oils sometimes comes to the fore. We always use the word essential oils because they are volatile oils. This is because ethereal means volatile, which means that the fragrance evaporates with use and leaves no residue. All our essential oils are suitable for use in aromatherapy.

Tea tree oil

Tea Tree oil is anti-bacterial, which means it works well against acne, lime nails and fungal infections. This Tea Tree oil is 100% pure and suitable for aromatherapy.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil has a calming and relaxing effect when used in aromatherapy. That is why this essential oil is frequently used against stress. Lavender oil works well against mosquitoes. This oil is fairly soft, making it suitable for use with babies and children and during pregnancy. This oil is 100% pure and suitable for aromatherapy.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil promotes concentration and breath breathing and is therefore good against colds. Eucalyptus oil is strongly associated with the sauna. Eucalyptus oil is also used in horses with respiratory problems. This Eucalyptus oil is 100% pure and suitable for aromatherapy.

Lemon oil

Lemon oil is highly antibacterial, which means that it is often used in cleaning products. Lemon oil works well against mosquitoes and works well on wood for maintaining furniture and guitars. Rub the wood with Lemon oil and polish the wood for a cleaning effect of the wood. This Lemon oil is 100% pure and suitable for aromatherapy.

(blood) Orange oil

Orange oil makes people happy when applied in aromatherapy. Orange oil has been used extensively against anxiety and stress. Orange oil is also used to neutralize an odor. This Orange oil is 100% pure and suitable for aromatherapy.

Mandarin oil

Mandarin oil is an incentive to buy. This aromatherapy oil can be used with babies, children and during pregnancy. Mandarin oil is a mild oil that can also be used in the face when mixed with Sweet Almond oil or Argan oil. This aromatherapy oil makes people happy. It works well against stress and against cellulite. This Mandarin oil is 100% pure and suitable for aromatherapy.

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