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Massage oil, argan oil, scrub salt, ghassoul, shampoo and bath oil

Massage and Beauty

Massage products

Beauty & Care offers natural massage oils, massage oils with different scents, hydrophilic massage gel, body to body massage oil and Thai herbal stamps for the body and for the face.

Beauty products

We offer scrub salt, scrub cream, clay powders, ready-made gaskets, various gel packs with argan oil and hammam products to beauty products.

Keep it clean

In order to not make the table dirty during a beauty treatment and to cover the body, we also offer body wrap film.


Bath shower

Relaxing and relaxing with ... bath oils based on natural essential oils. Our bath oil is suitable for color therapy.

Bath oil

The bath oil is based on natural essential oils to give a wonderful scent and a beautiful color to the herbal bath.

Herbal bath extra

Herbal bath extra is not colored and is suitable for baths that are always emptied.

Perfume bath

Perfume bath is very economical to use, based on perfume and also suitable for baths whose water is constantly being refreshed.

Shower and other wellness products

We also offer various scrub products, hand soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.