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    Rose musk

    Massage oil and Thai herbal stamps


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    upward 250 ml €10,70 Excl. tax

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    upward 250 ml €10,70 Excl. tax

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    upward 250 ml €10,70 Excl. tax

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    upward 250 ml €12,95 Incl. VAT

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    Which massage oil keeps the skin supple and
    which fragrances are most commonly used?

    Beauty & Care massage oil is often composed with natural massage products.
    The base oil that comes up with a scent in all our massage oils is the natural, cold-pressed Sweet Almond oil. A massage oil based on natural oils keeps the skin supple and is well absorbed by the skin.
    Different scents such as Lavender and Rose are widely used in professional massage oil for its scent and effect.

    Back massage oil

    Neutral massage oil

    It is possible to massage oil without smell with a neutral massage.
    Sweet almond oil is most commonly used for this. Grape seed oil is often used to prevent an allergic reaction in people with a nut allergy.

    When you both have Sweet Almond oil and Grapeseed oil at home, you can always use a natural, neutral massage oil without scent to which you can add scent later or not.


    Massage oil with fragrance

    In our range you can buy Hawaii massage oil , Myrrh massage oil and Eucalyptus Mint massage oil .

    This way you no longer have to mix essential oils with the massage oil and you can get started with the massage oil immediately.
    These massage oils are easily washable in the shower so that you can easily get dressed after the massage and because the towels stay cleaner, they last longer.

    Massage oil and Thai herbal stamps

    Beauty & Care offers natural massage oil from our own production.
    Our massage oil is available in different scents that feel nice and are easily washable for a relaxing massage.

    We also offer Thai herbal stamps for body and facial massages.
    These are perfect to use in combination with our Sweet Almond massage oil or the Indonesia Argan massage oil with the essential oil of Patchouli, Orange and Cedarwood.

    Thai herbal stamps body


    Buy massage oil

    Our best-selling massage oil:
    - Body to Body Massage oil
    - Sweet Almond Body & Massage oil
    - Eucalyptus Mint Refreshing Massage oil
    - Lavender Relaxing Massage oil
    - Rapai Massage oil (also called Sabai massage oil)

    Curious if the Beauty & Care massage oil scents are something for you?
    We also offer a massage gift package, ideal for trying out our massage scents .

    Sweet Almond oil 250 ml



    Benefits of using massage oil

    Massage oil is used to make it easier to give a massage. It is used as an intermediate between the skin and the hands.
    An advantage of a natural massage oil is that they can also be used as Body oil & Face oil because they nourish and care for the skin.
    A good massage oil is usually not absorbed too quickly by the skin, but also not too slowly.
    Which massage oil you choose depends more on the type of massage that is given.



    Body oil & Face oil

    The natural base oils are made according to traditional methods in the country of origin. These can be used as a massage oil but also as a body & face oil. They nourish the skin and thus ensure that the skin does not dry out.

    Apricot kernel oil is often used for pregnant women and baby skins. This body and massage oil keeps the skin elastic, young and tight. In pregnant women, the use of Apricot kernel oil also prevents stretch marks. Smear a little bit of Apricot Kernel Oil on the abdomen every day to prevent stretch marks after pregnancy.

    Argan oil can also be used well as Face oil for every skin type. That is why we have specially developed the Tea Tree Lavender Argan oil for this. Put a few drops on the fingertips and rub the face every other day. This can be done in the morning or in the evening, whenever it suits you. If you have applied the face, a small oily layer will remain on the face, so do not use too much.

    Grape seed oil is a less greasy oil and nourishes the skin, so this oil is also widely used as a body & face oil. This can be used in the same way as the Argan oil and the Apricot kernel oil products.

    Buy body & massage oil? then click here.

    Tea Tree Lavender Argan Face Oil



    Make a nice massage oil

    Different types of massage oil are used as neutral massage oil. Many different types of massage oil are: Sweet Almond oil, Grape seed oil, Apricot kernel oil and Body to Body massage oil (mineral oil). A neutral massage oil is used as a base to add natural scents later.

    Ylang Ylang essential oil is ideal for a relaxing massage with a soothing effect. Rose musk gives a sensual scent during the massage.

    Add 5 ml of essential oils to 1 liter of massage oil to obtain the right massage oil with a relaxing scent. After the fragrance has been added, shake briefly. After this, the massage oil can be used directly on the skin.

    Rose Musk Sensual Massage oil


    Essential Oil Dosage in Babies and Children

    A higher dose of essential oils is used for adults than for babies and children. They do not tolerate essential oils very well yet, so only half the dose is often recommended for babies and children in order not to obtain an overpowering odor. The essential oils with a relaxing effect that babies and children like are Lavender and Mandarin essential oil.

    Add 2.5 ml of essential oil to 1 liter of Apricot Kernel or Argan oil for a massage oil for babies and children. Apricot kernel oil and Argan oil is a massage oil especially for sensitive skin.

    Making baby massage oil




    Relaxing Lavender Essential Oil


    Fragrances that are most suitable when composing a massage oil?

    The most commonly used fragrances are:

    • Lavender oil - relaxing, floral-spicy

    • Sport mix - a great essential oil mix with the most famous herbal oils

    • Rose Musk Perfume - sweet floral with a hint of musk

    • Patchouli Oil - Oriental, rich, warm, spicy, earthy

    • Coconut perfume - gives a tropical feeling of a beautiful island

    • Eucalyptus Mint mix - refreshing and slightly camphor-like with a purifying effect

    • Rose perfume - the scent of Rose gives a sweet-floral scent with a tea undertone

    • Positive Vibes Only perfume - good balance between warm and spicy. Delicious all year round, but especially in winter

    • Divine perfume - a wonderfully composed scent while massaging

    • Hammam mix - citrus / spicy spring scent

    • Winter mix - spicy warm in winter

    • Peppermint oil - wonderfully refreshing in the summer

    • Body Balance mix - warming, spicy, citrus scent

    • Bergamot oil - fresh, soft, relaxing citrus scent

    • Ginger oil - warm, spicy scent, fine massage oil for muscle pain

    • Wintergreen oil - widely used in tiger balm

    • Ylang Ylang oil - for a warm, floral relaxing massage oil

    Add a maximum of 5 ml of all these oils to 1 liter of base oil. Just shake, after that the massage oil can be used immediately.
    The massage is enhanced by the scent and effect of the essential oil.
    In this way massages can be personalized. Choose which products you prefer to experience while massaging.


    Heating massage oil

    It is nice to work with a warm massage oil.

    The massage oil can be heated by rubbing the hands briefly before applying the massage oil to the skin. Massage oil is also easy to heat in a bottle warmer, in the microwave or in an oil warmer.

    Always check the temperature on a palm first before applying the oil to the skin so that the oil is never used on the skin that is too warm.

    heating massage oil




    Different types of massages with different types of massage oil?

    Buying the right massage oil, how do you do that?
    Look at the massage you want to perform.
    It is also possible to choose the massage oil based on the skin type or the scent preference and effect of the massage oil of the person experiencing the massage.
    A good massage is given by a masseur who always keeps contact with the skin during the massage.
    The masseur ensures that the massage oil does not become dry during the massage, but that it is quickly absorbed at the end of the massage so that the person receiving the massage can put on his or her clothes again after the massage. A small protective layer may remain so that the skin is well nourished when using these natural products.


    facial massage


    There are different types of massages:

    There are many different types of massage oil for different types of massages.

    Lavender Relaxing Massage oil

    - Relaxation massages

    For relaxing massage oil especially for a soothing effect, you often choose to buy Lavender Relaxing massage oil.
    This is a good massage oil to completely relax. Certain ingredients ensure that the effect is enhanced during the wonderful massage and that the massage oil is easy to wash off after the treatment.

    Indonesia Argan massage oil

    - Deep tissue massages

    A deep tissue massage is often a powerful massage in which special attention is paid to the connective tissue around the overloaded muscles. The Indonesia Argan Massage oil can be used for this on the skin. During the massage, the wonderful oriental scents such as Patchouli, Orange and Cedarwood come to the fore with this massage oil.

    Sports massage oil

    - Sports massages

    If you suffer from stiff muscles, you can buy sports massage oil. Sports massage oil contains natural ingredients of the very best quality such as Sweet Almond oil, Menthol Crystals, Eucalyptus oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Peppermint oil, Anise oil and Lavandin oil. This massage oil has the right mix so that it is easily absorbed by the skin, the skin remains supple and the massage oil works very pleasantly.

    Hawaii massage oil

    - Lomi Lomi massages and Balinese massages

    During Lomi Lomi massages and Balinese massages you want to get the feeling that you are on a tropical island. So use Cocos Palm Fruit massage oil or Hawaii Aloha massage oil for these massages. Hawaii Aloha massage oil can also be combined well with Hawaii Body Scrub oil.


    - Lomi Lomi massage

    The Lomi Lomi massage originates from Hawaii. During Lomi Lomi massages, long flowing movements are used all over the body. These flowing movements symbolize the movements of the ocean. The masseur can use the forearms and hands, but also the knees and feet to massage. After the massage, the person who has been massaged feels reborn.

    Coconut Palm Fruit massage oil

    - Balinese massage

    The Balinese massage is done with heated Cocos Palm Fruit massage oil. The Balinese massage originated thousands of years ago from a traditional Indonesian massage form. In Bali, this massage has acquired its own character. The aim of the massage is to achieve complete relaxation.

    Body to Body massage oil

    - Erotic massage

    Body to Body massage oil is often used for erotic massages. This glides easily over the body and is easy to wash off with the Beauty & Care After massage.
    That is why Body to Body massage oil is extremely suitable for erotic massages.

    Instead of the Body to Body massage oil, you can also use Aqua massage gel. This can be washed with water and possibly after massage. This is a massage gel that is very slippery so you can easily slip. Aqua massage gel does not irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions.



    - Nuru massage

    This massage style originated in Kawasaki, Japan. Nuru means smooth in Japanese from the word Nori (a Japanese seaweed). A Nuru massage is a very smooth massage in which one or more bodies go naked and sensually over the client during the massage. The Nuru massage was created to release tension through intense physical contact.

    With Nuru massages, Nuru massage gel or while the Hydrophilic Massage gel is often used so that the gel pulls threads and you get an intimate contact with the skin. The hydrophilic massage gel can be re-smoothed up to 3 times by adding a little water. This massage gel is often used for sensual, very smooth Body to Body massages.
    The massage gel is washable with water and possibly After massage soap.

    Mizulami massage gel can also be used instead of the hydrophilic massage gel. This is even longer thick than the hydrophilic massage gel.






    Beauty & Care Tilburg


    Why buy massage oil at Beauty & Care?

    • Because we can supply many different types of massage oil.

    • In addition to neutral massage oil, we also have washable massage oil with scents such as Myrrh or Bamboo, Herbal stamps for the body and face, Gift packages, Hydrophilic massage gel and After massage soap to properly wash the massage oil off the body.

    • In addition to massage products, we have many other wellness products that are often used by professionals that you can also use at home or in the salon.

    • Because we have small (250 ml) and large packaging (up to 10 liters) in our product range for the home, the salon and the professional.

    • Because we deliver the wellness products fairly quickly, within 2 working days.

    • Because we already ship orders above 30 euros for free

    • Because above 40 euros we give a free gift with the order

    • Because you can easily order via the webshop

    • We provide expert advice if required


    Expert advice

    Do you want expert advice about the Beauty & Care products or do you want to buy massage oil? Order on the webshop, call 013-5716033 or mail to [email protected]

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