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    Essential Oil and Wellness Products

    Wholesale Essential oil and Wellness products

    Do you have a company in the wellness sector and do you need full boxes or perhaps a pallet with wellness products?
    Then create a business account on this webshop.

    You can log in to this webshop or create a new account to view the business prices.

    Wholesale essential oil

    Beauty & Care is the largest supplier of Essential Oil to companies in the Netherlands. Because of our more than forty anniversary we have the right knowledge and experience. In addition to the wholesale functionality, we also have our own production environment where we manufacture natural products based on Essential Oil. In addition, an Essential Oil wholesaler in the Netherlands must meet all kinds of requirements regarding safety and social aspects, of course we meet this. In addition, we are the only Wholesale of Essential Oil in the Netherlands that, by means of a label, also point out usage and all necessary information. Allowing you or your customers to safely enjoy the power of nature. Essential Oil offers the power of nature in a bottle.

    Essential oil wholesaler

    wholesale wellness products

    Wholesale Wellness products

    Our webshop contains many wellness products so that a wellness center, hotel, bungalow park, massage salon etc. can come to us for many wellness products. This includes sauna fragrances, sauna accessories, bath, shower, beauty and massage products, essential oils and various ways of scenting spaces.

    In short, we are a factory / wholesaler in wellness products. Create a business account to view the prices excluding VAT. For discounts on large orders, send an email to [email protected]





    Wholesale Pouring

    For the sauna we offer pure scents, sauna pouring agent and sauna pouring basic.

    The pure scents are for those who want to count drops of essential oil and often use them on an ice ball in the sauna. The number of drops to be used per odor depends on the odor strength. In the pure scents, 165 scents can be used in the sauna. These are available from 5 ml to 5 liters.

    Essential oil

    sauna infused concentrate

    Sauna pourers are the most convenient to use for the majority of pourers, because 150 scents are available and it is still possible to know how many ml per liter of water should be used. from 4 to 8 ml of sauna pouring agent to 1 liter of water is common. These are available from 25 ml to 10 liters.

    For the starting sauna masters or saunas with a lot of pouring masters, sauna poured basic can also be used. Of this, 10 ml can always be used in 1 liter of water. In the sauna infused basic, 85 fragrances can be used in the sauna. These are available from 1 liter to 10 liters.

    Wholesale sauna scents

    As a wellness center it is useful to create a business account. Then the prices are exclusive of VAT visible and for discounts on large purchases, send an email to [email protected]

    You can log in to this webshop or create a new account to view the business prices.


    Essential Oil and Wellness Products
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