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    • Gift package Sauna Hammam XL

    Gift package Sauna Hammam XL

    Item code: 92012197
    Gift package Sauna Hamam XL contains 250 ml Eucalyptus Mint, Orange, Sauna Gold & Hammam sauna aroma. In addition, this package also contains 10 grams of Menthol Crystals.
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    This gift package is based on natural essential oils and can be used in all seasons.
    The infusing agents can be combined well with each other and give a wonderful scent during the sauna session.

    Gift package sauna hammam XL contains 4 x 250 ml sauna infused scents and 10 grams of menthol crystals:

    - Eucalyptus Mint sauna aroma (fresh, camphor-like)
    - Hammam sauna aroma (spicy and relaxing)
    - Orange sauna aroma (fresh, sweet, citrus, neutralizes the smell in the sauna)
    - Sauna Gold sauna aroma (refreshing, natural, wood and herbs)
    - Menthol Crystals (very fresh and cooling)

    A good structure for a sauna infusion can be:

    Eucalyptus Mint - Orange - Menthol Crystals

    Hammam - Orange - Sauna Gold


    Use gift pack

    Use 5 ml of sauna infusion per liter of water in the sauna tub.
    Enjoy a wonderful scent in the sauna about 15 to 80 times with this sauna gift set.


    Pouring method

    Take into account the strength, tone and group of the smell in order to be able to perceive it properly in the sauna.
    These are stated on the front of the bottles.

    If you combine scents, it becomes more and more difficult to find a good balance as you use more scents.
    So it is useful to combine only two to three scents in the beginning.
    When combining, it is important that all scents in the mixture can be smelled.
    Always mix the scent beforehand in a sauna bucket.

    If scents can be combined well, you can also use them well after each other, but then first one scent and then the other scent will be smelled instead of both at the same time.


    Fragrance strength

    Fragrance strength 3 is the weakest and fragrance strength 5 is the strongest.
    When pouring, it is useful to start with a scent with a low odor strength and then allow all the scents to come into their own.


    Fragrance tone

    If you do not have a fragrance with a low fragrance strength, you can also start with a top note.
    Then a heart note can be used.
    Use Pine sauna aroma to neutralize the odor.


    Fragrance group

    There are 3 of the essential oils fragrance groups in this package:
    Group A - Wood
    Group B - Herbs
    Group C - Citrus

    All scents in the same group can be combined well with each other.
    Eucalyptus Mint and Sauna Gold can be combined well.
    The wood scents can also be well combined with the herbs.
    The herbal scents can be combined well with the wood scents and the citrus scents.

    0 stars based on 0 reviews Add review
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