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    • French Red Clay powder

    French Red Clay powder

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    French red clay powder is 100% natural. It contains iron oxide and it is a mineral rich product. She purifies the skin. It is mainly used for normal, sensitive or dry skin.

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    French Red Clay

    Red clay purifies the skin and is mainly used for normal, sensitive or dry skin.
    French red clay powder is 100% natural.
    This clay contains iron oxide and is a mineral-rich product.
    It is detoxifying, purifying, nourishing and soothing to the skin.
    It promotes blood circulation and is often applied to the face.
    This clay can also be used on the entire body.


    Clay has the following properties:

    1. Regenerates cells and thus promotes the recovery of the skin

    2. Stimulates the immune system and increases resistance through silicic acid

    3. Reduces swelling and soothes pain because it is 'sucked up' as it were

    4. Helps heal wounds due to the presence of Aluminum Silicate

    5. Absorbs unwanted particles, such as gases, dirt, pus and used blood

    6. Has an inhibitory effect on active bacteria and viruses

    7. Clay stimulates blood flow and the formation of red blood cells

    8. Reduces the impurities or toxic substances in the body

    9. Cleans powerfully, has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect


    Making clay with different ingredients

    The red clay powder can be made with the following 10 ingredients:

    1. Distilled water, mineral water or spring water

    2. Lukewarm (rose) water to reduce shine, absorb excess sebum and soothe skin inflammation.

    3. Honey to intensively nourish the skin and make the skin soft. It also has a preventive effect against the development of wrinkles.

    4. Yogurt, for dry, irritated skin.

    5. Whole milk, for dry skin (she's packed with nutrients)

    6. Pureed cucumber to refresh, purify and soften the skin. Cucumber fights against aging!

    7. Green tea

    8. Argan oil , nourishing for the skin

    9. Tea Tree Lavender Argan oil against acne and nourishing for the skin

    10. Another base oil such as Sweet Almond oil , Apricot kernel oil , Grape seed oil etc., nourishing for the skin


    Add essential oil

    5 to 6 drops of essential oil can also be added to 100 ml. clay, such as:


    Add essential oil to clay gaskets

    Chamomile oil - calming, against inflammation (good for spring) Yellow clay can be used well on the neck in combination with chamomile oil. This combination works well for sore throats.

    Lavender oil - calming, against headaches and irritation. (good for the whole year but also in winter)

    Lemon oil - against cellulite, oily skin and asthma. (good for fall)

    Mint oil - calming, soothing and soothing. (good for summer)

    Tea Tree oil - for a beautiful complexion, against fungus and acne. (good for winter)
    White clay in combination with a few drops of Tea Tree or Sage can also be used for sweaty feet.

    Ylang Ylang oil - for a face mask for older skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of white clay with some water to form a steving paste. Add a dash of avocado oil and 2 drops of Ylang Ylang.

    Pay attention if essential oil is added to a clay pack: use only a few drops and stir the pack well with a spatula or wooden spoon to a paste before applying it to the skin.


    Clay application in bath

    Baths (10 tablespoons of clay or more)
    Sit baths (5 tablespoons)
    Foot or hand baths (3 tablespoons)
    These baths can be applied 2-3 times a week.


    Use with gaskets

    Franse rode klei poeder Prepare the red clay in a glass bowl with the chosen ingredients such as honey, distilled water and lavender oil.

    Then stir everything with a wooden spoon or spatula into a paste and apply it to the skin.

    On the face, avoid the areas around the eyes and mouth.


    Number of treatments per pack

    3.5 kg bucket = 60 body treatments or 350 facial treatments


    Easy to wash

    Clay is easy to wash off with lukewarm water and then massage the skin with a little oil or body lotion to nourish the skin again. (it is best to rinse the clay from the body in the shower or bath)
    If parts are removed with towels, watch out for stains in the towels.
    It is wise to use dark or colored towels.

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