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Beauty & Care Ghassoul clay powder

Product description

Ghassoul / Rassoul clay powder

Ghassoul powderGhassoul clay powder (also called Rassoul clay powder) is a volcanic clay that comes from the Moulouya Valley of Morocco.
This clay contains incredible properties that ensure that the immune system is strengthened every day.
The clay stimulates, strengthens and rejuvenates cells and tissues.

This makes ghassoul clay an ideal ingredient for skin care and natural beauty products.
This clay is suitable for all skin types for the face and the entire body.

Ghassoul clay has many benefits for the skin:

- cleans gently and thoroughly
- does not irritate the skin
- is rich in minerals
- reduces the shine of the skin
- absorbs excess sebum
- vitalizing and purifying
- soothes the skin

Nature contains many good minerals

Minerals are the building blocks of our body.
Ghassoul clay is actively healing due to the aluminum silicate it contains.

Ghassoul is rich in the following minerals:

- magnesium
- iron
- silicon
- aluminium
- calcium
- sodium
- trace elements
- potassium
- pro-vitamins

Ghassoul can be used especially for the treatment of:

- acne
- psoriasis
- eczema
- cellulite
- skin inflammations


Create Ghassoul clay powder with different ingredients

Use 10 to 15 grams of ghassoul clay to make a face mask.

Use about 125 grams of ghassoul clay to make a body wrap.

Add honey to clay


argan oil



Add essential oil to clay gaskets

  1. Distilled water, mineral water or spring water

  2. Lukewarm (rose) water to reduce shine, absorb excess sebum and soothe skin inflammation.

  3. Honey to intensively nourish the skin and make the skin soft.
    It also has a preventive effect against the development of wrinkles.

  4. Yogurt, for dry, irritated skin.

  5. Whole milk, for dry skin (she's packed with nutrients)

  6. Pureed cucumber to refresh, purify and soften the skin.
    Cucumber fights against aging!

  7. Green tea

  8. Argan oil , nourishing for the skin

  9. Tea Tree Lavender Argan oil against acne and nourishing for the skin

  10. Another base oil such as Sweet Almond oil , Apricot kernel oil , Grape seed oil etc., nourishing for the skin


Add essential oil

Stir the gasket well in a bowl with a spatula or wooden spoon to form a paste.

5 to 6 drops of essential oil can be added to 100 ml. ghassoul clay, such as:














Ghassoul clay face mask

Lavender oil - calming, against headaches and irritation
(good for the whole year, also in winter)

Lemon oil - against cellulite, oily skin and asthma
(good for fall)

Mint oil - calming, soothing and soothing
(good for summer)

Tea Tree oil - for a beautiful complexion, against fungus and acne
(good for winter)

Ylang Ylang oil - for a face mask for older skin
- Mix 2 tablespoons of ghassoul clay with some water to a steving paste
- Add a dash of argan oil and 2 drops of Ylang Ylang



When the paste is ready, it can be applied to the body and/or face.
Let the ghassoul paste work for 15 minutes until it is almost dry.
Then wash off the paste and then dry the skin.
When the skin pulls after the treatment, it can be fed extra with a body lotion .
After this, a clean, nourished and healthy skin remains.


Number of treatments per pack

185 gram jar = 2 body treatments or 18 facial treatments
5 kg bucket = 80 body treatments or 500 facial treatments
25 kg bag = 400 body treatments or 2500 facial treatments

Ghassoul clay is beneficial

The absorption of water in ghassoul clay is about 4 times higher than other clays, making it many times more economical in use.

Ingredients: Moroccan Lava Clay

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Beauty & Care Ghassoul clay powder
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