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    • Patchouli Essential Oil
    • Patchouli Essential Oil
    • Patchouli Essential Oil
    • Patchouli Essential Oil

    Patchouli Essential Oil

    Item code: 1802994
    Patchouli oil is natural and is extracted by steam distillation from the leaves and flowering tops of the Pogostemon Cablin. Patchouli oil has a sweet, rich, spicy-earthy aroma that gets better with age.
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    Botanical: Pogostemon Cablin Leaf oil
    Base: Essential oil
    Scent: Sweet, rich, spicy-earthy fragrance
    Origin: Indonesia
    Group: Herbs
    Strength: 3
    Note: Base Note
    Season: Autumn

    Fragrance natural Patchouli oil

    The scent of this dark Patchouli is sweet, rich, earthy, heavy and full of spicy.
    Patchouli is one of the few essential oils whose scent improves with age.
    That's nice, because it preserves and even improves the smell over time.
    The scent of Patchouli is very strong and lingers for a long time.

    Effect Patchouli oil

    Patchouli is relaxing, skin nourishing, anti-bacterial and insect repellent.
    Patchouli oil has a grounding effect on the root chakra.
    Essential Patchouli oil suits people who quickly worry and feel restless.
    That is why this essential oil is also widely used in meditation.
    Patchouli consists almost exclusively of rare sesquiterpenes and patchoulol.
    This ensures that the oil has a relaxing effect, while the oil also has a stimulating effect on our unconscious thinking. (Pujiarti 2012)
    Patchouli oil is sensual.
    This essential oil contains the chemical, patchoulene.
    This substance is very similar to azulene which is the main component of the essential blue chamomile oil.
    The effect of Patchoulene is comparable to the effect of Azulene.

    What is the essential oil used for?

    From the mid-19th century, Patchouli fragrance was popular as an ingredient in perfumes.
    Patchouli is one of the most important raw materials available as an undertone to the perfumer.

    In India, Patchouli was used to protect fabrics, clothing and scarves from moths.
    This has contributed quite a bit to the popularity of the fragrance. Later, this Patchouli fragrance became the guarantee that the fabrics came from India.

    In the late 1800s in the 60s and 70s hippie years, Patchouli became so popular that the Patchouli leaves were shipped to Europe for steam distillation to ensure sufficient supply. In the flower power era, Patchouli was a symbol of freedom and relaxation.

    Patchouli can be used well with foot baths, massages or in a skin oil.

    Use Patchouli oil

    - In the sauna: add 5 to 10 drops to an ice ball or to the water in the sauna tub
    - In an aroma burner: add 2 to 4 drops to the water in an aroma burner
    - On an aroma stone: add 2 to 4 drops to the stone of the aroma stone
    - In a diffuser: add 2 to 4 drops to the water in the diffuser
    - In a massage oil or skin oil: add up to 25 drops of Patchouli oil to 250 ml of Sweet Almond oil for a natural, relaxing massage or skin oil.
    - Do not take the essential oil pure or use it pure on the skin.
    - This essential oil is non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin and non-sensitizing.

    Patchouli oil is good to mix with

    The essential patchouli oil blends well with bergamot, blue chamomile, cedarwood, pine, geranium, lavender, rose, sandalwood and ylang ylang oil.

    Extraction of essential Patchouli oil

    The Patchouli plant belongs to the lip flower species, just like lavender and mint species.
    It is an aromatic perennial that can grow up to 90 cm high with large leaves and white-violet flowers in summer.
    The plant cannot tolerate full sun. That is why in Indonesia the plant is often planted on teak plantations.

    For 1 liter of essential Patchouli oil, 30 to 35 kilos of dried patchouli leaves from the Pogostemon Cablin plant are needed.
    Patchouli oil has a dark orange to dark brown color.

    About the bottles

    The 5 ml and 20 ml brown glass bottles contain a dropper and a child-friendly cap and the 100 ml brown glass bottles contain a pipette.
    The 250 ml and the liter bottle are used as refill packaging.


    Product Features: 

    Product Features Eucalyptus Essential Oil Botanical Name:
    Fragrance groups:
    Fragrance strength:
    Fragrance notes:
    Pogostemon Cablin Leaf oil
    Essential Oil
    Pogostemon Cablin Leaf oil
    3 - Average
    Base tone

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