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By Ingrid Bastiaans, 26 january 2023

Relax daily, do you do it?

Pamper yourself
“I don't have time for that, I'm already so busy” is a frequently heard statement in the daily busy life of modern people.
Yet it is wise to take a moment of rest for yourself during a busy day, this does not have to take long!

For example, lubricate your face with Tea Tree Lavender Argan Oil after getting up. Tea Tree Lavender Argan Oil is an oil that nourishes your skin and protects it from the sun. By taking 20 seconds to rub your face in, you get an energetic feeling and you can start the day radiant. 20 seconds in which you stop and think about yourself and not about your agenda.


The morning is one time to stop and take a moment for yourself. But you can also provide rest and relaxation at other times of the day.
For example, do you come back from work and want to get away from the grind of the day? By using an aroma burner containing a delicious essential oil, a wonderful scent spreads through your home.

Essential oils are all natural and available in different scents. From a soothing Eucalyptus scent to Orange oil with a fresh, dry, almost floral note. There is a different scent available for every moment. Do you feel like a scent that brings out the positivity in you on Monday and need a calming oil on Wednesday? With an aroma burner you can change scents unlimitedly. This creates a pleasant environment that suits your mood. It is nice to read a magazine or a book. You can cook a nice meal, but even if you don't have time for this, a nice smell in your home or maybe even at the workplace can make you happy. It's the little things that make the difference!

Pamper yourself


Ghassoul hamam treatment

100% Zen with Ghassoul
Do you have just a little more time to enjoy yourself? Then a Ghassoul mask is highly recommended! Ghassoul is a type of clay in which no color, fragrance or preservatives are included, Ghassoul clay is completely natural. Ghassoul literally means 'to wash'. The clay cleanses the skin in a gentle, thorough way and does not irritate. That is why a Ghassoul mask is definitely recommended if you have a skin allergy and cannot stand the masks that are available in stores.


A treatment with (Ghassoul) clay is a treatment that many people think they can only get in the spa. Still, using Ghassoul is not difficult. By mixing Ghassoul powder with a bit of warm water and possibly a few drops of Hamam mix or Bergamot oil you can easily create a mask or body wrap. A Ghassoul mask is also called Rassoul or Rhassoul mask and can be applied in 15 minutes. 15 minutes of your time for an ultimate moment of peace. Of course you don't have to stick to a face mask. Ghassoul clay can be used on the entire body. So drum up your best friend for a nice body treatment!

Ghassoul is easily washable with water and can be used in many different ways;
Do you have fifteen minutes to spare? Then you go for the face mask.

Do you have more time? Then you go for a whole body treatment.

Only 15 grams of Ghassoul is needed for a facial treatment of 15 minutes!

In addition to Ghassoul clay, also has other types of clay in its range, all with their own properties; from French yellow clay that is used to remove dead skin cells to a cocoa wrap with polyphenols and vitamin A that counteract the aging process.
This means that there is a mask for everyone that suits him or her.


Enjoy together
You don't always have to enjoy yourself alone. Does the time when you actually had some quality time with your partner seem like ages ago? Then really take the time to come together and give each other a nice massage. A massage oil can make massaging easier and more pleasant. With the massage oils from Beauty & Care you ensure real relaxation of body and mind. We have different massage oils in our range, from sweet almond oil to a Eucalyptus Mint massage oil. And do you really want to merge and look up “the heat” together? Beauty & Care also offers body to body massage oil. This oil is easy to wash off with soap and water or with after massage and does not stick.

Beauty & Care offers massage oils in packaging ranging from 250 ml to 10 litres. Even if you don't have time for massages every week, there is a suitable product, so you can choose the packaging that suits your use.

Massage oil


Giftset Bath oil

A real gift
That one dear friend who does very much for you but who sometimes forgets herself or your partner who is always there for you and who sometimes takes you for granted. Do you ever really think about what someone else is doing for you? Treat them! You can also give your partner or your friend a moment of rest as a gift. Go out together, to the theater, have a drink together in a nice cafe or give a personal moment of rest as a gift. A moment where someone can completely come to themselves in their own environment. Beauty & Care's wellness products are the perfect gift. In the contrary to what most people think, a wellness gift can be used every day. A fragrant body lotion that can be rubbed into the skin, a bath oil for that one friend who likes to take a bath or an aroma burner to always create a nice scent in the house. There is a gift for every wish and every budget.

You can also give yourself a present! Allow yourself to relax and treat yourself with a beautiful aroma burner or a diffuser that matches your interior to create a wonderful scent in your home or relax your skin by exfoliating with one of the scrubs from Beauty & Care. When you then rub yourself with a body lotion such as lavender body lotion, you are ready to go again!


Relax, unwind and enjoy
Do you already know how to give yourself that moment of relaxation and relax completely by applying body lotion or are you still looking for the way to relax that suits you?

We at Beauty & Care are happy to advise you in the field of wellness products!


Are you not quite sure which massage oil suits you or would you like more information about how an aroma burner works in combination with essential oils?
Please contact us at 013-5716033 or email [email protected].


Because all products are manufactured in-house and we have been producing and supplying wellness products for more then 40 years, our product knowledge is extensive.
Together we look for the right product that suits your personality, wishes and way of relaxing.

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