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Beauty & Care Menthol crystals

Product description

Fragrance Menthol Crystals

Essential Menthol crystals are refreshing, bold crystals with a fresh, pungent, slightly sweet, minty scent.
Menthol crystals are a lot more refreshing and stronger than Mint oil and Peppermint oil because this is the pure ingredient menthol that is extracted from these oils.
These crystals are recovered by freezing the (Pepper)mint oil.
You will even get cold in the sauna if you put a few menthol crystals in ice balls or in water on the sauna heater.


Natural, ethereal menthol crystals have a refreshing and cooling effect.
The fresh and slightly pungent scent has a stimulating effect on the brain.
The crystals wake up, boost and have a strong uplifting effect.
Menthol crystals help you focus better by directing energy to the head and brain.
This makes these crystals also suitable for school while studying or at work.
Menthol is good to use on oily skin. These crystals relieve itching and have a soothing effect.
These crystals provide relief for respiratory problems and inhaling them is experienced as pleasant by many asthma patients.


What is the essential oil used for?

Menthol has been used for decades without side effects in medicines, cosmetics, food and drinks and in, for example, throat lozenges.


- In the sauna: add 2 to 4 crystals to an ice ball or to the water in the sauna tub
- In a massage oil: add up to 1 to 2 menthol crystals to 250 ml of Sweet Almond oil for a natural, refreshing massage oil.
- For steaming: add up to 1 to 2 crystals to boiling water and steam with a towel over the head
- In the steam room: add 1 to 2 crystals to a sponge and place it in a stainless steel bowl under the steam pipe
- In the bath: for a menthol effect in the bath, use our Me Time bath oil because otherwise Menthol crystals will float on the water.
Use 25 ml of this bath oil in the summer for the refreshing effect.
- Apply some Menthol crystals diluted in Sweet Almond Oil to the temples and forehead to counteract tension headaches.



- Do not take the essential oil pure or use it pure on the skin.
- Do not use in case of constipation and diarrhoea.
- Do not use menthol crystals on sensitive or damaged skin.
- Do not use during pregnancy and lactation.
- Do not use in children under 2 years.
- Note menthol crystals are a lot stronger than mint oil and peppermint oil so use very sparingly.

Menthol Crystals are easy to mix with

The essential oil mixes well with citrus scents, lavandin, eucalyptus, pine, lemongrass, mint and peppermint oil.


Menthol is a natural extract of the 'Mentha Arvensis' plant. This is a perennial that belongs to the Lip Flower family (Labiatae or Lamiaceae). It is a plant of moist to wet, nutrient-rich soil: it can be found on arable land, on waterfronts, in swampy grasslands, along fens and in deciduous forests. The plant is native to India, China and Japan.
To recover menthol crystals, mint oil is centrifuged and when it is cooled at the top, the menthol crystallizes from the oil. Et voilà: menthol crystals have arisen from the oil! Menthol Crystals have a greasy layer because they are distilled from the Peppermint or Mint oil. As a result, the menthol crystals are also soluble in pure alcohol and Eucalyptus oil.

About the packaging

10 grams of menthol crystals are in a bottle.
110 grams of menthol crystals are in a jar.
500 grams of menthol crystals are packed in a little bucket.
8 kg of menthol crystals are in a large bucket.

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  • 5 / 5
    Posted by: Johan on 6 March 2023
    ik verwerk het in een ijsbal daarna op de kachel, dan komt de menthol langzaam vrij, een geweldige ervaring is dat heerlijk voor de luchtwegen.
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Beauty & Care Menthol crystals
Menthol crystals

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