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    • Gift package sauna classic M
    • Gift package sauna classic M
    • Gift package sauna classic M

    Gift package sauna classic M

    Item code: 452110
    Gift package sauna classic M contains 4 x 100 ml sauna infusion agent and 10 grams menthol crystals. The package consists of: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Pine and Orange pour and 10 grams of menthol crystals.
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    Sauna gift package classic M

    This gift package is based on natural essential oils.
    The infusing agents give a wonderful scent during the sauna session.
    All scents can be combined well with each other.
    Relaxing, fresh and citrus scents together in 1 sauna gift package.
    This sauna gift pack is the best seller of the sauna gift packs.

    This gift package sauna classic M:

    - 100 ml Eucalyptus infusion (fresh, camphor-like)
    - 100 ml Lavender infusion (spicy and relaxing)
    - 100 ml Pine infusion (imagine yourself in nature, purifying)
    - 100 ml Orange infusion (citrus, cheerful)
    - 10 grams of Menthol crystals (refreshing, cooling)

    A good structure for an infusion can be:

    Lavender - Orange - Menthol crystals

    Pine - Eucalyptus - Menthol crystals


    Use gift pack

    Use 5 ml of sauna pour-on concentrate on 1 liter of water in the sauna tub.
    This sauna gift package can be used in all seasons.
    Enjoy a wonderful scent in the sauna about 10 to 50 times with this gift package for the sauna.
    This sauna gift package comes in a black gift bag.

    0 stars based on 0 reviews Add review