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Beauty & Care Essential oil gift set

Beauty & Care Essential oil gift set
Product description

Smell training with natural essential oil

The brain can be damaged by an upper respiratory infection or loss of smell from a wound to the head. Thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, damage to the brain does not always have to be permanent. Because the brain can adapt again after the loss of certain functions, it is able to repair itself. Sometimes this happens automatically, but smell training can provide support. After about 12 weeks, an improvement in the sense of smell can already be measured in 30% of cases.

Woman sniffs bottle of scent training

Who is smell training suitable for?

For people who have suffered brain damage through an infection or a wound to the head. If you suffer from less smell as a result of corona, you will benefit from this odor training. If you normally don't smell much, you can try to improve the sense of smell a little by means of this smell training. When you smell better, food becomes tastier again, because smell influences the taste immensely.

Do you have trouble smelling?

Then smell the different essential oils every day in the morning and evening to train the nose.

Even if you hardly smell anything, it is good to keep smelling so that you smell more and more after a few months.


The scents that work best for smell training are:

- Eucalyptus

- Lemon

- Roses or Ho-Blade

- Cloves

- Rosemary


Suitable olfactory set for olfactory training:

Smell training set

Gift pack essential oil fragrance training


- 5 ml Eucalyptus oil

- 5 ml clove oil

- 5 ml Lemon oil

- 5 ml Ho-Blad oil (similar to rose oil)

- 5 ml Rosemary oil


This set comes in brown, glass 5 ml bottles in gift boxes and a gift outer box.


These natural essential oils can be combined well with each other and can be used excellently as a fragrance olfactory set to be able to smell better over time.

It is important to keep up the smell training for 6 months so that the brain also has time to get used to smells and to recognize smells again.



Step-by-step plan smell training:

1. Take 1 of the essential oil bottles
2. Before you start smelling, write down which scent you use
3. hold the bottle about 3 centimeters below the nose. It is important that the essential oil does not touch the nose.
4. relax and take a slow, deep breath through the nose. If you inhale too quickly, the scent won't get in properly.
5. Inhale 1 fragrance 5 times
6. rest for 1 minute before moving on to the next scent
7. Repeat the above steps for all fragrances.


Choose the order of the scents yourself.

Repeat the 7 steps preferably 2 times a day, for example in the morning and evening.

If you miss a day, resume training as soon as possible.

Try to keep this to a minimum.


Write down every week in a booklet if you smell more and what you smell.

This makes it easy to keep track of the progress of odor training.



For a follow-up training, the following scents are good to use:

- Mint or Peppermint


- Green Tea

- Mandarin

- Bergamot


It is also important for the follow-up training that this is carried out every day in the morning and evening for 6 months.


Everyone can use these essential oils well.


The scents can also be used in:

- aroma burners

- aroma stones

- diffusers

- neutral body lotions

- neutral shampoo

- neutral hand soap

- neutral massage or base oil

- neutral face mask

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Beauty & Care Essential oil gift pack Scent training
Essential oil gift pack Scent training

This scent training set contains t...

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