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    • Oudh sauna infusion
    • Oudh sauna infusion
    • Oudh sauna infusion

    Oudh sauna infusion

    Item code: 101918
    Oudh sauna infusion has a rich, magical very popular scent. This fragrance is widely used in eau de parfums, eau de toilettes and home perfumes as an undertone to midtone.
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    Base: Perfume
    Scent: Warm, slightly spicy and sweet
    Group: Wood / Resin
    Strength: 3
    Dosage : 5 ml sauna infusion per liter of water
    Note: Heart note
    Season: Summer, Autumn, Winter
    Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Parfum

    Fragrance Oudh sauna infusion

    The scent can be described as warm, slightly spicy and sweet.
    Oudh is often used in Oriental perfumes and is a rich, magical and very popular fragrance.
    Oudh is often used in Eastern spheres.
    Oudh is one of the rarest and most expensive perfume ingredients.
    Oudh is nicknamed: liquid gold.



    Oudh is extracted from Agarwood and used for spiritual purposes.
    The Agarwood has been a beloved type of Incense since ancient times.
    In Turkey, Oudh is used by Sufis for their spiritual development.
    In Japan, Oudh is used at funerals.
    Oud is also widely used in India in perfumes and spiritual events.



    Oud infusion can be poured into the sauna for a warm, light, spicy and sweet scent.
    Use 5 ml per liter of water or ice in the sauna bucket.
    If the smell is too small, use a little more.
    If the scent is too strong, use a little less.

    Oudh sauna infusion can be mixed well with:

    Citrus, Cedarwood, Pine, Lavender, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood and Frankincense.


    About the bottles

    25 ml - the 25 ml bottle is often used for a sauna at home or to try out the scent.

    100 ml - 100 ml can be poured 4 to 10 times. (that depends on how much is used for an infusion)

    500 ml - the 500 ml bottle is used in the professional sauna or by sauna enthusiasts (20 to 50 times)

    1 liter - the liter bottle is also used in professional saunas or by large sauna enthusiasts (infused 40 to 100 times)

    5 liter - the 5 liter can is almost exclusively used in professional saunas (infused about 200 times, at a dose of 25 ml per infusion)

    0 stars based on 0 reviews Add review
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